Website Spammed

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Someone or something has infected my website with lots of spam hidden in my php files. It causing problems with Google page rank and general SEO. Trying to fix it ASAP. 

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VOIP – Cutting down your phone bills

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It's been a while since I made decent post, study and exams have been a huge work load for me so I'll do my best to regain blog posting.


Just recently, I've made the switch to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Making phone calls over the internet is much cheaper than on a standard PSTN line, at least here in Australia. In Australia, the phone company Telstra are the big guns who own the copper networks. 

What this means is they can charge an arm and a leg for telephone calls. Even if you choose not to have Telstra, they wholesale the copper lines to other suppliers. I'm still paying line rental to Telstra because its handy as a backup phone, but using VOIP to make calls, I'm saving lots!

I can call anywhere in Australia on landlines for 10c untimed! Mobile rates are 15c a minute with no connection fee. I can't recall Telstra's figures from the top of my head, but all I know is it's much cheaper making phone calls over the internet.

I suggest if you have ADSL/Cable and want to save money, you should consider making the switch to VOIP.  

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Play Classic Sierra Games Online!

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Remember good old Police Quest or Space Quest? Well, now you can play those classics online for free AND with added bonus of multiplayer support! Head over to Sarien.Net to view the complete list of games, as more and more games are being added. By the word multiplayer support, I mean you can chat to people who are in the same area as you, so not co-op support. Who's knows, maybe in the future ;) . Anyway, have fun playing some games.

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Vista Anti Lag Software

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I thought I'd install CS:S on my laptop the other day and to my surprise, I experienced some major lag spikes every 60 seconds. Turns out Windows Vista searchers every 60 seconds looking for a better wireless network connection  to connect to. This is quite useless for home use where usually you stay connected to one broadcast for hours. Luckly, some smart Dutch company has come up with a solution. Vista-Anti-Lag. Does exactly what it says, and no configuration required. You just load the program before you go to play your game or whatever activity and your good to go. 

You can download it from Don't worry, the software is in English. May you never lag again ;) .

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Xbox 360 Project Natal

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Remember the post about the Rumored Microsoft 3d Wii Killer? Well Microsoft unveiled it at the E3 2009 convention. If the videos are anything to go by, we're all in for a treat. Unlike the Wii, Project Natal uses an infrared 3D depth map camera for full body motion capture so you don't need any controllers what so ever.

One of the most interesting videos though was the demo codenamed "Milo". I'm not sure really how to describe it, but Milo computer character that can detect your emotions/voice and communicate with you. Amazing. However, assuming the video wasn't scripted it, there will be so many possibilities. For example, A.I. for co-op would be dramatically improved since the character could understand your commands.

Anyway, check out the videos, its good stuff and something to look forward to.

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Liquid Cooled PC in-desk design

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I'll admit, I'm not really into water cooled PC's since I don't know much about them. But when I saw this mod, I was gobsmacked. Using an acrylic-top desk laser cut, combined with an aluminum frame, they created thier computer desk. Looks goods, runs cool AND save's floorspace, this is a winner and I'd be very interested in attempting such a similar mod myself (if I had the funds ;) ). You can check out the rest of the article over at     

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49-port USB hub… Sweet

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 I didn't know one of these things existed. So, this should count up for all your loose USB sticks hanging around, bluetooth dongle, cup warmer, fan, external hard disk, webcam … the list could go on. Though its still unpratical for its size, I reckon you could come up a with a nice RAID solid state hard array using USB sticks. What would you do with it? 

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Gold nanotubes boost DVD storage

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Australia researchers have unveiled a new type of disc that stores 10,000 times more data than current DVDs and could be on the market within a decade.

The discs store 1.6 terabytes of data, eclipsing the capacity of current DVD and Blu-ray discs which hold up to 50 gigabytes.

The researchers, from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, have published their breakthrough in the journal Nature.

A standard DVD recorder uses light of a single wavelength to 'burn' data onto the surface of the disc.

The team at Swinburne found that by adding gold nanorods to the disc they were able to increase its capacity.

The nanorods react to light according to their shape. This allowed the researchers to record information using light of different wavelengths, or colours, on the same location on the disc.

The researchers also used polarisation – the angle of the light's electric field – to record data.

"The polarisation can be rotated 360 degrees," says paper co-author Dr James Chon.

"So for example, we were able to record at zero degree polarisation. Then on top of that, we were able to record another layer of information at 90 degrees polarisation, without them interfering with each other."

Multiple layers

Professor Min Gu, director of the Centre for Micro-Photonics at Swinburne, who was also involved in the research, says current DVD and CD technology only uses a small fraction of the disc, essentially recording in 2D.

He believes the use of multiple wavelengths and polarisation will allow future DVD recorders to use a greater volume of the disc.

"We have created a new recording device that can respond to different colour and different polarisation," says Professor Gu. "By using these properties we can use more of the disc."

In their paper, the researchers were able to record three layers of information, using three different wavelengths and two polarisations.

Since publication, the authors have recorded 10 layers, and they believe it is possible to record 100 layers onto a single disc.

Beyond home entertainment, the discs could be used to store large medical files such as MRI scans, as well as financial, military and security records.

[via <a xhref="">ABC News</a>

Well if this becomes available on a retail level, it'll destroy blu-ray for sure. Excellent :D !

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