Youtube Enhancer for FireFox

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Ever wanted to download the Youtube video that you watching? Or set videos not to autoplay on load? Well thanks to a grease monkey script, Youtube Enhancer can do such things plus more.

Think of it as a remote control for your TV; you have lots of buttons to press ;) .

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Use one battery and paper clip to power remote

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Remote control missing a battery? If you’ve got a paper clip around, you’re in luck. By modifying the circuit, you can use one battery to operate a remote. While the range of the remote may not be as good, it’s better than nothing right?

Easy Remote Control Battery HackWatch the best video clips here

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Upgrade to Windows 7 For Free!

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What!? Free upgrade to Windows 7? You gotta be kidding me. Well, its not really free in that you need to have had purchased Windows Vista earlier this year, somewhere round the date of June 26, 2009. Recently, Microsoft have been rolling out flyers with the Windows Vista software packages and OEM discs claiming that by following a few simple steps, you can get Windows 7 for free. You can get more details at

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Securing Wordpress

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Security is a big issue these days, not only in the real world but also in the online world. Unfortunately, some people have nothing better to do than hack other peoples websites and blogs. I for one am a victim of such an attack. So, what can we do to avoid spam attacks and website exploits? Locking down your website/blog is the answer. Here are the things I’ve done so far to harden up my blog:

1. Upgrade to the latest Wordpress Version- Holes and exploits are always being discovered in Wordpress so it is wise to have the latest version with the exploits patched up.

2. Use a complicated password and change it often- Hackers will sometime attempt to do a brute force attack to gain your log in details to exploit your blog. Changing your password regularly can avoid such attacks. To further stop this kind of attack, install the Login LockDown plugin for Wordpress, which will block an IP address after attempting to login to your blog within 5 minutes.

3. Set correct file and folder permissions- Setting file and directory permissions is important as you don’t want to give access to unauthorized people. Chmod values should be: 755 for directories, 644 for plugins and core WP PHP files, and 666 for my active theme files. Tutorial.

4. WordPress Exploit Scanner- This plugin will search for any suspicious activity on your server. Good too to run occasionally.

5. Make regular backups- The more regular the better, because if something does come up, you’ll be able to restore your blog within minutes. I now backup my blog every couple of days. Make it a habit.

So far I haven’t been compromised using the above steps, and am hoping for it to stay that way :D . If you have any suggestions or questions, just leave a comment.

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PC Tutorials Online Back

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G’day everyone! If you’ve been hanging around long enough, you will know I haven’t posted for a while. This is because I have been trying to fight a spam issue on my website, as it was being attacked. It’s taken a while to recover, but we’ve made it. Big thanks to Layered Networks for helping me out. If you want excellent hosting and support, check them out. If you are a long time reader or subscriber, thanks for holding on, I’ll do my best to get back to regular posting and responding to comments. Funnily enough, my next post will be on spam prevention ;) ! Stay tuned!

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Website Spammed

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Someone or something has infected my website with lots of spam hidden in my php files. It causing problems with Google page rank and general SEO. Trying to fix it ASAP. 

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VOIP – Cutting down your phone bills

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It's been a while since I made decent post, study and exams have been a huge work load for me so I'll do my best to regain blog posting.


Just recently, I've made the switch to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Making phone calls over the internet is much cheaper than on a standard PSTN line, at least here in Australia. In Australia, the phone company Telstra are the big guns who own the copper networks. 

What this means is they can charge an arm and a leg for telephone calls. Even if you choose not to have Telstra, they wholesale the copper lines to other suppliers. I'm still paying line rental to Telstra because its handy as a backup phone, but using VOIP to make calls, I'm saving lots!

I can call anywhere in Australia on landlines for 10c untimed! Mobile rates are 15c a minute with no connection fee. I can't recall Telstra's figures from the top of my head, but all I know is it's much cheaper making phone calls over the internet.

I suggest if you have ADSL/Cable and want to save money, you should consider making the switch to VOIP.  

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Play Classic Sierra Games Online!

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Remember good old Police Quest or Space Quest? Well, now you can play those classics online for free AND with added bonus of multiplayer support! Head over to Sarien.Net to view the complete list of games, as more and more games are being added. By the word multiplayer support, I mean you can chat to people who are in the same area as you, so not co-op support. Who's knows, maybe in the future ;) . Anyway, have fun playing some games.

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