VOIP – Cutting down your phone bills

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It's been a while since I made decent post, study and exams have been a huge work load for me so I'll do my best to regain blog posting.


Just recently, I've made the switch to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Making phone calls over the internet is much cheaper than on a standard PSTN line, at least here in Australia. In Australia, the phone company Telstra are the big guns who own the copper networks. 

What this means is they can charge an arm and a leg for telephone calls. Even if you choose not to have Telstra, they wholesale the copper lines to other suppliers. I'm still paying line rental to Telstra because its handy as a backup phone, but using VOIP to make calls, I'm saving lots!

I can call anywhere in Australia on landlines for 10c untimed! Mobile rates are 15c a minute with no connection fee. I can't recall Telstra's figures from the top of my head, but all I know is it's much cheaper making phone calls over the internet.

I suggest if you have ADSL/Cable and want to save money, you should consider making the switch to VOIP.  

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