Download Myspace Songs

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So you’ve been browsing Myspace bands and found a really awesome song that you want to download? Some bands disable the ability to allows users to download their MP3’s, however it is still possible to download songs from their Myspace page.

Just a note: If you really enjoy the music produced by that artist, I’d recommend you buy the artists’ tracks so that he/she/ or the band can continue to produce awesome music.

Before you start, downloading these songs with Firefox will retain the filename of the song, so that you won’t have to manually enter the song name. Get Firefox 3: Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button

Here’s how to download Myspace songs:

  1. Go to and enter in the myspace URL of the band/artist.
  2. Tick the agreement box and set the filter to Audio.
  3. Press get files and a list of songs in MP3 format should appear.
  4. Right click on the MP3 file(s) you wish to download and select Save Link As … and click OK.

Piece of cake :D .

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Convert Youtube Videos To MP3

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Have you ever watched that fantastic video clip of some great guitarists’ guitar solo, or wanted to save that fancy tag line? Most of you know how to save Youtube videos but what if you wanted to save the video as a MP3 file? It sounds kind of complex, but thankfully, have simplified the process.

All you have to do is paste the Youtube URL into the specified area and click OK. Flv2mp3 also has the ability to convert flv files stored on your own computer to mp3. Not bad for a free service. There many other websites out there but Flv2mp3 wins hands down for its simple, easy-to-use interface.

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Smaller URL with

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Most of you are familiar with ; the service that allows you to shrink long urls to much shorter ones. However, there is now a website, that shrinks url smaller again. This is extremely handy when needing to shorten url for publications or even sending a SMS to someone as this can dramatically reduce the amount of characters needed to be typed, thus saving yourself time.

Amazingly, is almost half the size of what outputs. It is good to see some competition and will be interesting to see what response is.

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Find Music by Humming

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When someone thinks outside the box, I like to give them credit for their work. Midomi have created a website that allows you to find music by humming, singing or even whistling.  So when your out shopping or hear something on the radio that you like, just hum into your computer though a microphone and 9 times out of 10, you should find that song you heard earlier.

If your one of the lucky ones who own an iphone, Midomi also have an Iphone application so that you can obtain the name of the song your after almost instantly.

To gain an accurate reading, you must hum into the microphone for at least 10 seconds for Midomi to analyze and match the sounds. The database of songs is constantly growing, and you can help. If you click into the music studio, you can record your humming for your chosen song(s) to help Midomi become more accurate and/or sing in a foreign language. Midomi is also a social networking site that has features allowing you to rate other full-song singing performances against friends, buy original music and much more.

This is certainly a site that has potential to reach where both Myspace and Facebook are now. Only that its unique humming recognition could be a one hit wonder. What do you think?

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Let Me Google That For You

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Many times people ask me online questions such as “what does mean IMO or how do I empty my recycle bin?” These simple tasks can be solved by using Google ! When problems are a bit more complicated, yes it is important to help but for simple things like these, you should ask Google first. So to rectify the problem, you can use LetMeGoogleThatForYou.

Enter in the search query that the person requested and give them the link that LMGTFY gives. When they enter in the url, it will automatically enter in the search phrase and take them to the Google search results. It’s kind of a polite way of saying “Search before you ask:) .

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Launchy – Start Menu Replacement

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If you’ve got hundreds of applications (or in other words a lot :) ) and have trouble finding them, there is a solution. Launchy is a free windows and linux utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager. You must be thinking that this utility looks like a beast to be able to do all that? Well here is a picture for you.

Small and Simple

Small and Simple

Had you fooled there didn’t I :P . Launchy index’s all your files in the background so that when you go to type the thing your looking for, bam it’s there. To bring Launchy up all you need to press is Alt+Spacebar, then type the program, document or whatever in and Launchy will open it. After the file has been executed,  Launchy itself will become hidden again. Neat huh?

Launchy  can also open websites for you in your default broswer. Just punch in the URL and it will go there for you.  You can search Google or Youtube by typing in either Google +tab key or Youtube +tab key and then enter your keyword. If you work it out, Launchy cuts down a fair bit of time for you. If you wanted to search Youtube using your web browser manually, you would have to open Firefox, enter Youtube into the URL bar, then enter the keyword your searching for.

Launchy supports the following keyword websites: google, youtube, msn, yahoo, live, weather, amazon, wikipedia,
dictionary, thesaurus, imdb, netflix, and msdn websearch. I believe this feature can be adapted to more websites if you customize it in the options, however I haven’t looked further into it.

There are many more things Launchy can do but I would be here forever writing about them. So, I suggest, or even better, recommend you download this free software. Launchy is the most efficient way to open files, folders, websites, and programs on your computer. You’ll never have to use your start menu again. Download Launchy today!

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Music Using Only Sounds From Windows XP and 98

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I stumbled across this intruiging video today. Using sounds only from Windows XP and 98, member SomethingUnreal at Youtube has created a masterpiece! Talk about thinking outside the box, this video has received over 4.2 million views. That would be an awesome way to drive traffic to a website :) . Check it out:

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Free Commander – Ditch Windows Explorer

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Free Commander better than Explorer


I have to say, I've been living in the dark ages since Windows 95 was released. FreeComander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. It blows the socks off Windows explorer big time.

It has a similar layout to Firefox, in that is has a tabbing feature so you can have many folders open and be able to access them quite easily. Ever had to scramble around selecting each jpg to be burn't on the CD, hoping that you get them all and don't add an incorrect file? No problem, just press Alt + Num+ which will select all the jpg files in that folder for you.

Or maybe you've been working on a Wordpress theme that is ready to be uploaded to an ftp. FreeComander has a built-in FTP client allowing you to connect and transfer files to your selected FTP server.

The layout is clean, has many hotkeys to shorten even further your time spent copying/renaming/compressing/searching in this single program. If you would like to use FreeCommander to its full potential, i suggest you read the help guide, which can be found here . You'll learn everything Free Commander has to offer. You can grab your free copy at .

Now, if you can recommend an even better file managment program, I'd like to hear about it :) .

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