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I spent a significant amount of time setting up CiviCRM yesterday, only to discover there was a mismatch between the timestamp provided by the MySQL server and PHP. Normally, modifying the php.ini file (specifically the date.timezone value) adjusts PHP’s timezone. Yet, running phpinfo() still showed the timezone had not been changed. There were no other ini files being loaded, so I did some more snooping in the settings of RunCloud. A Google search result led me to a FaceBook page that had a change log for RunCloud’s app. Turns out it’s possible to tune PHP for each specific app and adjust the timezone within RunCloud’s interface. To change the timezone in a specific RunCloud web app, do the following:

1. On the Server page, click Web Apps.
2. Click on the app you wish to modify the timezone of.
3. Click settings on the left hand panel.
4. Scroll down to PHP settings and you’ll see the second value is date.timezone. Modifying this accordingly.
5. Hit Update Web Applications Settings and you should be good to go.

To verify the change, run phpinfo(); in a php file and locate the date.timezone value to see if it has updated.

If you’re like me and also setting up CiviCRM, you’ll need to update the timezone within Wordpress. Go to Settings>General and select the time zone drop down.

It’s important to have all systems on the server running the same timezone, otherwise timestamps for payments will be incorrect and backups won’t run at correct times. I’m really enjoying RunCloud at the moment and will probably do some further posts about it — it’s very handy for managing VPS’s.

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