Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC No Go

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Update: Success! It’s now possible to attach your Guitar Hero World Tour Drums to your PC! Check out the Video Tutorial:
Guitar Hero World Tour Drums on PC

I’m sure you’ve be hanging out for the answer about using Guitar Hero World Tour drums on your PC. After testing out the MIDI cable and tuning my drums, I wanted to see if I could use the drums as a midi controller. However this is not the case. The drum kit only has a MIDI IN socket, which means MIDI data can only be received by the drum kit. Not all hope is lost yet. My next plan of attack is to use a an XBOX 360 wireless receiver on the PC. This would be almost guaranteed to work, but I’m not sure if the velocity sensitive data will get transferred. Wait and see I guess. More PC Tips and tutorials will follow shortly :) .

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9 Responses to “Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC No Go”

  1. Pberg Says:

    I’m guessing this is the same situation for the PS2/3 drum controllers? Didn’t they EXPLICITLY advertise that these drums could be used as a regular synth drum set?

  2. pctutorials Says:

    I would imagine so Pberg, however I think the PS2 controller may use a USB connection, which could work on the PC. I’m not sure. As for advertising these drums as a regular synth drum set, I can’t recall reading it anywhere. The rockband drumkit can be used on the PC quite easily though.

  3. slam Says:

    I’ve done it and i’m not even a geek. use program called xpadder to assign the different pads of the drums to different keys on the keyboard.

  4. pctutorials Says:

    slam, which drumkit console controller did you use? I can not get the Xbox360 GH:WT drumkit controller to work on the PC. Also, using xpadder I’d imagine you would loose the velocity sensitive data.

  5. Magnus Says:

    I’ve managed to write a software in c# which translates the “hits” into midi-events (with the velocity sensitivity data, even for the pedal!) I’m using the wireless receiver. The software uses a .net library for the usb-sniffing and one for the midi-part. Using a virtual midi lookback device which you send the notes to you can use it as a midi controller for your favorite standalone vsti/sequencer. Works like a charm with no lag.

  6. pctutorials Says:

    That’s great news Magnus! Are you planning on releasing the software? Please let us know, as I’m sure many people are interested in this.

  7. geon Says:

    …i’d love more information on this subject. the software, tutorial on how to do whatever needs to be done. it would be great to be able to use this thing to trigger things in sonar or with BFD2…

  8. baran Says:

    please test the xbox 360 controllers (drum and guitar) on pc with Guitar Hero World Tour and tell us how it worked/didnt work.

  9. dermenslof Says:

    hello i have currently 2 drum world tour xbox 360 and 1 wireless receiver. I search a solution to use the 2 drums at the same time as your method with drummer ps360 midi drummer, fl studio and addictive drum. or with another software more like ps360 midi drummer to use the second drum can you help me? thank you ;)

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