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Someone or something has infected my website with lots of spam hidden in my php files. It causing problems with Google page rank and general SEO. Trying to fix it ASAP. 

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5 Responses to “Website Spammed”

  1. Investing In Property Says:

    We are looking forward to you for next informative article. I hope you will fix this problem very soon and come back.

  2. Investing In Property Says:

    This theme is not suitable for your website. Older is much better than it. I think you will mind it. In my opinion Theme and logo could effect your business.

  3. Fashion Photography Says:

    What do you do if you want your website do be spammed? I want to know if my moderators would know what to do, so is there any sort of site I can post my website on to have it spammed like crazy?

  4. Hotels Sydney Says:

    I am also want to about that what steps you had take to avoid this. I hope you will post that in next update.

  5. dell laptop repairs sydney Says:

    Just subscribe. Its a big problem with every blogger. We all want to know about this. What steps you have to prevent this action.

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