Guitar Hero World Tour on PC Video

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Just thought I’d post a youtube video of the Guitar Hero World Tour Drums on PC working in action. As you can see, there is no lag. And before you make comments about my drumming, I’m not a drummer :) .

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Youtube Enhancer for FireFox

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Ever wanted to download the Youtube video that you watching? Or set videos not to autoplay on load? Well thanks to a grease monkey script, Youtube Enhancer can do such things plus more.

Think of it as a remote control for your TV; you have lots of buttons to press ;) .

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Use one battery and paper clip to power remote

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Remote control missing a battery? If you’ve got a paper clip around, you’re in luck. By modifying the circuit, you can use one battery to operate a remote. While the range of the remote may not be as good, it’s better than nothing right?

Easy Remote Control Battery HackWatch the best video clips here

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Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC

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Hey Guys, It’s been a while since I posted on here, which I am sorry for. Long story short, my main PC hard disk gave way though thankfully I have managed to restore most of the lost data. Regular posting will once again commence shortly.

I mentioned a while ago that I would create a how to video on using your Guitar Hero World Tour Drum kit on your PC. Thanks to Magnus’ PS360MIDI Drummer software, the ability to use the GH:WT drum kit on PC became possible. To think that you could turn a gaming controller into a high quality midi controller is amazing. Something like a Yamaha DTXpress costs $800 AU + .

I realize you can’t compare the GT:WT drum kit to fully decked electronic drum kit, but for less than $150 , the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit does a pretty awesome job. Watch the videos below on how to setup your Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit on PC.

What you need:
•Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum Kit (Must be either Xbox 360 or PS3 version)
•Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows (Xbox 360 version only)
PS360MIDI Drummer
FL Studio
Addictive Drums

If you have a rock band 2 drum kit and can provide some technical data for Magnus so that he can add rock band 2 support , you can contact Magnus at magnus.ellinge[at]


If you get a bit more serious into drum playing and/or recording, consider purchasing the full version of Addictive Drums which will give you access to the full, multiple drum kits, which by the way, sound excellent. If you don’t have a digital audio workstation, FL studio is something worth buying; I use it and can not fault it.

Have fun drum playing and if you get any videos up of your drum playing on your GT:WT drum kit, post them in the comment section!

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Photo Synth – Cool Social Imaging Technology

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After having a browse through Youtube, I came across a really interesting video. Blaise Aguera y Arcas is an architect at Microsoft Live Labs and has co-created a software called Photo Synth. It’s a little bit tricky to explain in text, but it’s a monumental piece of software capable of assembling static photos into a synergy of zoomable, navigatable spaces. What that means is that the software collects photos from all around the world from end-users that share their photos online and create a 3D navigatable area based on the photos provided on your computer.

Still not making sense? Watch the video, it is truly a masterpiece :)

Want to try it out? The software is ready to go at The speed at which it renders the pictures is amazing.

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Music Using Only Sounds From Windows XP and 98

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I stumbled across this intruiging video today. Using sounds only from Windows XP and 98, member SomethingUnreal at Youtube has created a masterpiece! Talk about thinking outside the box, this video has received over 4.2 million views. That would be an awesome way to drive traffic to a website :) . Check it out:

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Cable Origami

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Here is some pictures to give you idea’s about organising your cables. All pictures are from Ralf Huttler at .

Also, I have a copy of an old maximum PC article that goes in depth explaining how custom pc company “Voodoo PC” use cable origami to its full potential. You can get a copy here:


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Download Youtube Videos in One Click

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I get annoyed sometimes either when an online service doesn’t work, or the free progam used has adware bundled. Alex Chitu has come up with an awesome idea to allow you to download YouTube videos in high quality quite easily. It works in Firefox, Opera.

  1. If you haven’t already got it installed, FireFox users need the Greasemonkey extension installed. Opera has built-in support for user scripts.
  2. Download this Greasemonkey script and enable it.

When you open up a Youtube video page, you should see a download like like this:

Remember, when you save the file, rename it to an .MP4 file. This little tip should save you a lot of frustration. ;)

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