Play Classic Sierra Games Online!

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Remember good old Police Quest or Space Quest? Well, now you can play those classics online for free AND with added bonus of multiplayer support! Head over to Sarien.Net to view the complete list of games, as more and more games are being added. By the word multiplayer support, I mean you can chat to people who are in the same area as you, so not co-op support. Who's knows, maybe in the future ;) . Anyway, have fun playing some games.

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5 Responses to “Play Classic Sierra Games Online!”

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  4. dog kennel Says:

    King’s Quest games are okay, but their worlds are usually pretty big. I like 6 and 7 the most. 5 I liked too, but it’s too easy to miss stuff that will keep you from finishing the game.

  5. dog kennel Says:

    Sadly, Vivendi has bought Sierra and gutted them. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a compilation of Sierra games anytime soon, unless the rights to those games are sold off to a new studio with interest in doing just that.

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