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I thought I'd install CS:S on my laptop the other day and to my surprise, I experienced some major lag spikes every 60 seconds. Turns out Windows Vista searchers every 60 seconds looking for a better wireless network connection  to connect to. This is quite useless for home use where usually you stay connected to one broadcast for hours. Luckly, some smart Dutch company has come up with a solution. Vista-Anti-Lag. Does exactly what it says, and no configuration required. You just load the program before you go to play your game or whatever activity and your good to go. 

You can download it from Don't worry, the software is in English. May you never lag again ;) .

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3 Responses to “Vista Anti Lag Software”

  1. Investing In Property Says:

    I am still using windows XP never try Vista. But I wanna to update my PC. It may be helpful in future so I am going to bookmarked this page.

  2. Investing In Property Says:

    Last week I had update my PC now I am working with Vista. Now I can use this feature thanks for sharing it.

  3. Fashion Photography Says:

    Im using nod32 3.0 right now and it seems to be lagging my computer a bit, my previous version of nod32 2.7 didnt lag at all but im loking for newer anti virus programs.THANKS

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