Liquid Cooled PC in-desk design

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I'll admit, I'm not really into water cooled PC's since I don't know much about them. But when I saw this mod, I was gobsmacked. Using an acrylic-top desk laser cut, combined with an aluminum frame, they created thier computer desk. Looks goods, runs cool AND save's floorspace, this is a winner and I'd be very interested in attempting such a similar mod myself (if I had the funds ;) ). You can check out the rest of the article over at     

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4 Responses to “Liquid Cooled PC in-desk design”

  1. Hotels Sydney Says:

    You are right I had seen twice it in photo not in real. It looks very good. Still don’t know about its price.

  2. Investing In Property Says:

    I wanna to have it for my office anybody have any idea about its price. Its looks very good. This will be new attraction in my office.

  3. Fashion Photography Says:

    I’m decorating my bedroom again and need ideas for a space saving bed, preferably one that I can fit a desk under so I have space for my PC. Trouble is, all these types of beds are either a) designed for kids that are 2 foot tall or b) ridiculously expensive.

  4. Fashion Photography Says:

    I think that this blog is very good to relater good and more information.Thanks…

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