Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC

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I mentioned a while ago that I would create a how to video on using your Guitar Hero World Tour Drum kit on your PC. Thanks to Magnus’ PS360MIDI Drummer software, the ability to use the GH:WT drum kit on PC became possible. To think that you could turn a gaming controller into a high quality midi controller is amazing. Something like a Yamaha DTXpress costs $800 AU + .

I realize you can’t compare the GT:WT drum kit to fully decked electronic drum kit, but for less than $150 , the Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit does a pretty awesome job. Watch the videos below on how to setup your Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Kit on PC.

What you need:
Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum Kit (Must be either Xbox 360 or PS3 version)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver For Windows (Xbox 360 version only)
PS360MIDI Drummer
FL Studio
Addictive Drums

If you have a rock band 2 drum kit and can provide some technical data for Magnus so that he can add rock band 2 support , you can contact Magnus at magnus.ellinge[at]


If you get a bit more serious into drum playing and/or recording, consider purchasing the full version of Addictive Drums which will give you access to the full, multiple drum kits, which by the way, sound excellent. If you don’t have a digital audio workstation, FL studio is something worth buying; I use it and can not fault it.

Have fun drum playing and if you get any videos up of your drum playing on your GT:WT drum kit, post them in the comment section!

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29 Responses to “Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC”

  1. Magnus Says:

    Nice tutorials! That will probably minimize the number of questions regarding how to do the setup :) What happened with the site? Old backups?

  2. pctutorials Says:

    Thanks Magnus, yep should reduce the amount of questions indeed. About the site: Long story short, The server failed and only had access to older backups. I’ve shifted to new servers (appears to be quicker ;) ) and have now set an automated backup schedule for this blog. So that’s what I spent my weekend doing :) . Anymore success with the Rock band 2 drumkit? I’ll see if I can get the forum back on track as well. John

  3. Magnus Says:

    Hehe, sounds like a great weekend ;) We had great success with Rock Band 2 on Saturday, the game not the drums, that’s about it! Luckily no animal control was sent to the apartment (not that I know of at least). Anyway… Need to have some feedback from someone with the drums to add support and it’s quite quiet on that front.

  4. Josh P Says:

    Any possible way to do a quick video on using Reaper as the DAW, i’ll be getting my GHWT drum set on Thursday, and already have Reaper and Addictive drums, just wondering if there is anything out of the ordinary that would need to be done to use the drum set with Reaper.


  5. GIa Says:

    How to use with drum set of the wii?

  6. VelvetUtopiA Says:

    Just a question: in the video, you use Fruity Loops, right? So, FL is recorded, you have just to choose the rythim and it goes on his own, or, thanks to GH Drum, you can play it “live”?
    I’m asking this because I was looking for a software that let the drum set play “live” and so I would have trained using my GH Drum (my FUTURE GH Drum, I still have to buy one! XD)

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Italy, and thanks for this tutorial! I was looking for a thing like this for a long time =)

  7. VelvetUtopiA Says:

    Ok, I watched again the first video (the end of it) and I answered to my question XDDD
    I can only say THANK YOU to this great software *-* You realized my dream *-*

  8. Class Says:

    Having troubles getting this PS360midi software on my PC, I’ve extracted the files after downloading the .zip but all I get is three folders and a bunch of unknown file formats? What am I doing wrong here?

  9. Class Says:

    Anyone!? Please!? I can’t figure out why these files are coming up as unknown files on my PC, am I missing some software I should know about? It says I should have .net framework v 2.0 but I’m up to date on this. This is the only thing holding me back, everything else is a go.

  10. Magnus Says:

    You need to download the compiled version. It sound as if you’ve downloaded the source. Go for PS360MidiDrummerv0.031BinOnly instead. It has a bug with loading saving that’s fixed in the released source but that’s about it…

  11. Class Says:

    Yes, thank you so much man, that was exactly it, I was downloading the source file, I figured the ones below it where just earlier builds of the program.
    You the man Magnus, thank you again!!!

  12. rocker Says:

    Well done ive been looking for this for a while too,
    so, even with the ps3 drum kit you still need the xbox 360 reciever, is this right?

  13. rocker Says:

    also, is there any lag from when you hit the drum till the sound comes out the PC speakers, is it still playable as i noticed some of the rock band PC programs had about a quarter of a second lag which could make it very hard to play properly.

  14. Class Says:

    @12 No you don’t need the Xbox360 receiver. Just plug your USB wireless receiver into your PC USB jack and sync up your drums, windows reconized mine right away with no problems.

    @13 I haven’t had any lag issues YET! I’m sure you’ll come across the odd one here and there but it definetly is not significant.

  15. Vinicius Says:

    Mine is ok,but with some latency =/

  16. Ben Says:

    I have the full version of FL Studio and of Addictive Drums running on Vista 32 bit Home Premium (Don’t know if that matters). For some reason I can’t get the GHWT drums to play sound through AD. I have the wireless receiver and the ps360midi recognizes the drumset and registers hits with the velocity data retained. I think I’m doing something wrong with a port for loopbe1, because I just can’t get it to play in FL Studio. I can get sound from the kit in AD if I click on the different drums/cymbals, the World Tour kit just won’t register. Any suggestions? Thanks heavily in advance.

  17. Ben Says:

    Oh wait, I’m a doofus. I kept closing the ps360midi instead of just leaving it there. Everything works now, no help needed. Tutorial is the best one out there, dude! Keep up the good stuff.

  18. guitar hero world tour [PC] - VR-Zone IT & Lifestyle Forum! Says:

    [...] guitar hero world tour [PC]  Please sign in to remove this ad just wondering has anyone tried using a ps3/xbox360 drum set on pc to play guitar hero world tour? i have found a tut site on how to use xbox360/ps3 drum set work on pc. i hope someone will take a look at this and try it out to really tell us that it does work on PC. PC Tutorials Online Blog Archive Guitar Hero World Tour Drums On PC [...]

  19. Nightwolf67 Says:

    FL Studio won’t run on my PC. Is there any other program I could use instead? I don’t need anything fancy. All I want to do is play live, not create a masterpiece. ;-)

  20. dermenslof Says:


    i have currently 2 drum world tour xbox 360 and 1 wireless receiver.
    I search a solution to use the 2 drums at the same time as your method with drummer ps360 midi drummer, fl studio drum and addictive.
    or with another software more like ps360 midi drummer to use the second drum

    can you help me?

    thank you ;)

  21. dermenslof Says:

    currently i use ps360 midi drummer and xpadder 5.4 for the second drum routing

  22. Dan Says:

    Will the new logitech drum kit work?

  23. R00st3r Says:

    Anyone able to fix the’s not too bad, but bad enough not being able to play with a song as it’s millseconds off

  24. dermenslof Says:

    just reduce the buffer size in audio settings and/or use asio4all in midi settings

  25. dermenslof Says:

    just reduce the buffer size in audio settings and/or use asio4all in midi settings

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    [...] Update: Success! It’s now possible to attach your Guitar Hero World Tour Drums to your PC! Check out the Video Tutorial: Guitar Hero World Tour Drums on PC [...]

  27. Steve Says:

    Hi All

    Amazing software! I knew it had to be possible for someone to write something like this but I am so glad that people like you who CAN write it DID! I have a Guitar Hero Repair website that I am now linking to this artical from, I know our readers will love what you have done.

    Many Thanks from all who find this useful

    PS if you have any objections to us using this video and linking to this page please contact me

  28. Use your GHWT drums on your PC as e-drums! | Says:

    [...] I encourage you all to pop over and have a look at what they have created, it is quite amazing! Link to original article [...]

  29. pctutorials Says:

    Good to hear buddy, but credit goes to Magnus for writing the software; I just did a couple of how-to videos :) .

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