The PC Decrapifier

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What on earth is The PC decrapifier? It’s a program that removes “crapware” from your new PC. It gets rid of that bundled software that Dell or Toshiba ect. put on for you such as Wild Tangent Game Console, AOL Toolbar (5.0), Vonage and much more. This crapware takes up valuable storage space, uses up memory and even internet bandwith as some crapware checks for new updates. Runs perfectly on XP and Vista and is always being updated for new crap to be removed.

So how come vendors install this crapware? Because they get money for installing it on thier PC’s from the companies that make this stuff. It’s shameful really, I mean I don’t mind when they throw in a 3-month trial version of anti-virus software that works, but setting hompage’s to advertisment and installing 3rd party search bars is a no go in my books. If you’re after a free copy of this magnificant piece of software, you can get it here. Your PC will thank you and you should gain some extra PC performance.

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Hook Up Xbox 360 on Wireless via PC

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I don’t know about you, but I’d save $100 rather than spending it on an official Xbox 360 wireless G adapter. I also know it’s possible to buy a Linksys WRT54GS and use it as a bridge, but your still spending money. If you have a computer that already has a wireless connection and that is close by your Xbox 360, you’re in luck. Using a Ethernet cable, you can attach your Xbox 360 to your computer, then share the internet connection via the wireless. Interested? Here’s how to go about it:

  • Attach a Cat5E Ethernet cable to your PC to the Xbox 360.
  • Turn on your Xbox 360. On the PC, enable the Wired LAN port. You should get a connection however windows will display a limited connection notification, which you don’t need to worry about now.
  • On the Wireless Connection icon in Network Connections, Right-click and select properties >Advanced tab> select a tick in “Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet Connection”> Select from the combo box the Wired Lan Connection, in my case “Local Area Connection”. Click OK. See screenshot for details.
  • Back to your Xbox 360, Test Xbox Live in the networking settings options. You should now have successfully attached your Xbox 360 to the internet.

xbox 360 PC settings

I haven’t tested any FPS (or any games) online over this connection as I don’t have a Gold Membership. Also, you will need to have your computer switched on to be able to use Xbox 360 online because the PC is the gateway. Still, not bad for free wireless for your Xbox 360!

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Enable Games In Vista Business

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Games in Vista

Microsoft Vista Business is designed for the work enviroment. Microsoft didn’t think you’d be playing games whilst working. But think again! The games are there, just not enabled. As long as you have Administrator rights, you can enable the default games by doing the following:

  • Go to Control Panel and select Programs and Features.
  • Select ‘Turn Windows features on or off’.
  • Then, in the Windows Features dialog, select and enter a tick in the ‘Games’ entry.

If you become bored at work or having nothing to do at lunch break, you can have a good old game of solitaire to kill some time ;) .

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Less Than Perfect?

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Guitar Hero World Tour

Just yesterday I received the Guitar Hero: World Tour super pack that contains a guitar, drums, mic and the video game itself. Eager to give it a go, I tried out the drums first as that had been one of my main reasons to get the game. First off, I had a little trouble getting one of the legs to clip in place. No matter how hard I pushed, it just would not clip. The result? The drum kit would not sit square, thus rocking all over the place when I got to have a bash at it.

Lots of people have been reporting that the red drum pad on the drumkit has a sensitivity issue. Ok fair enough, nothing is perfect. So what Red Octane have done to solve this is they are sending out a MIDI to USB cable for those having reported drums sensitivity issues and using a “tuning software” to adjust the drums sensitivity. This is all fine and dandy, however, Australia has had no update to whether or not we get the free USB to Midi Cable. Others have emalied Red Octane to receive no joy at the present moment. Currently, America is the only country to recieve this free MIDI to USB cable.

Rather than hang out for the support to be sorted out, I’ve gone ahead and bought my own MIDI to USB cable from EBay. If your interested in purchasing one, they cost about $15AUD shipped. I’ll let you all know how my drums go once I recieve the cable and tune my drums.

In conclusion, World Tuur is a lot of fun, but at the present moment, the drums need little bit of tweaking and everything will be set to rock ;) . Have you had any issue with Guitar Hero World Tour? Or maybe you’ve reached an awesome score. Feel free to tell.

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How to Increase Your Wifi Signal

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I had read about people boosting their wifi signal using kitchen utensils to food containers such as Pringles. This was an easy way to boost your signal and to increase your transfer speed. I thought this was all well and good, but what if you did not want to sacrifice you only food dish strainer? Or what if you did not eat Pringles (I don’t)? I set myself on a misson to find a object that most households would have or could easily obtain. It struck my mind that most people had spindle packets of CD-R’s, which previsouly I wrote about how to fix that side hole on your PC Case with a CD protector.After a about half an hour of planning and construction, I came up with the following:

DIY Wifi Booster
I know, masterpiece isn’t it?
Yep, doesn’t look professional but this CD-R spindle pack combined with a silver foil is the bomb. So how do you go about making one I hear you say? I’m glad you asked. You’ll need the following resources:
1x Empty 50 CD/DVD spindle pack
1x 13cmx13cm silver foil
1x X-acto knife or similar
1x Cutting board
1x Marker
The main point is to get the silver foil cut and fitted to size. For that, you’ll need to place your empty CD spindle pack on the tin foil and trace around it with a marker. NOTE: Try to keep the silver foil as flat as possible because crinkling the foil can lessen the wifi signal boost.
Note the smaller circle in the middle; you’ll need to cut this out too.
Place the silver foil on the cutting board, and using the X-acto knife, slowly cut out the two circles. Once they’re cut out, place the silver foil over the empty CD spindle pack and you’re just about done. All you have to do now is place your new wifi signal booster over your router’s aerial like so:
Yes, I’m in search of alien activity :P
The signal increase is questionable as I don’t not have any fancy testing equipment, but Network Stumbler showed an increase of signal:
Wifi Results
Every bit counts

Even though the increase is minimal, I still had fun making this project. If you give this a go , please leave a comment on how it went :) .

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Missing USB Cable?

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I don’t know about you, but half the time I can never find a USB cable to attach my camera or mobile phone to my PC. Because I have multiple PC’s in the house, cables are shifted from one room to another and then when I need to go attach a USB device to the PC I’m on, I don’t have one. So, I came up with the solution of always leaving a a USB cable attached to the USB port on the back of my PC and leave the other end on my desk. That way, I don’t loose time searching for such a necessary item.

USB Cable
Ingenious isn’t it? :)

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Cable Origami

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Here is some pictures to give you idea’s about organising your cables. All pictures are from Ralf Huttler at .

Also, I have a copy of an old maximum PC article that goes in depth explaining how custom pc company “Voodoo PC” use cable origami to its full potential. You can get a copy here:


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MyBlogLog Widget – Reward Your Visitors

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If you had not noticed, I’ve just recently added the MyBlogLog Recent Readers Widget. I had neglected adding this widget since starting as I did not think it was important. I’ve changed my mind now. Enabling this widget exposes the reader’s website/blog in the little avatar, to the rest of the visitors. I think it’s the least I can do to give something back to you as a loyal reader.

In the near future, I’m going to be posting my second youtube video. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one, so stay tuned ;) .

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