Auslogics BoostSpeed Takes a Test Run

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Auslogic is an Australian based software firm that has just recently released an optimization suite, BoostSpeed. BoostSpeed is an application designed to boost the speed up of your Internet, tweak Windows to its peak performance and help keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error free. That's a big ask for one program as it has to tackle many areas of the PC. Can Auslogics BoostSpeed make the cut? Let's take a look.

Installation is straight forward with no restart required. Starting up BoostSpeed will expose the clean graphical user interface, which makes it easy for anyone to use including those with minimal tech know-how.


To give your PC the works, the first step is to click One-Button Checkup; this will scan the registry, your hard disk, check for disk fragmentation and check your system protection. Once scanned it will display a summary of the problems and will ask you to fix them by simply clicking the Fix Now button. 


The One-Button Checkup is probably what most people will use, however if your a power user, BoostSpeed has a lot more to offer. Making our way to the Computer Clean Up tab, you'll be given a list of tools: Auslogics Disk Cleaner, Auslogics Registery Cleaner, Auslogics Uninstall manager, and Auslogics Startup Manager. If you didn't notice, the first two tools mentioned above are used in the One-Button Checkup.

The Uninstall manager is much better than the Windows version. It has the ability to search through programs installed; making is much easier to find the program(s) you wish to uninstall. The layout is easier to read because Auslogic have implemented a grid layout. The service manager is laid out in a similar fashion and is easy to use. 

The Optimization tab unveils a disk Defrag utility, registry defragger, internet optimizer, and a memory optimizer. Both the latter utilities are designed to improve the speed of your internet and free up memory. However, you must note that while there is some gain, it doesn't beat getting a faster internet plan or adding an extra stick of memory, it only optimizes what you have. 

Privacy and Security is the next tab, which has four tools to protect your privacy and increase security. The Track eraser removes any personal data from the PC ensuring your anonymity is secure. PC Security isn't a replacement for an anti virus program; however it does enable some security measures which do help. Also included is a file shredder that removes files beyond recovery.  The Disk Wiper makes sure that files previously deleted cannot be restored so that prying eyes can't get your files.  

Amongst the other extras, you'll find many tools such as Tweak manager which enables hidden tweaks that you didn't know about, System Information tool to retrieve system info and other diagnostic tools to help tune your PC to its full performance.

Auslogics BoostSpeed can very well improve the performance of your PC, and not just in one area, but your complete PC system. After testing out its features, I can verify that this program has improved the speed of my PC. It feels much more responsive. For what it can do, $29.95 is a small amount to pay and saves you doing a lot of manual work and hours trying to improve the performance of your PC. I suggest you take it for a trial run and see what you think: Download

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The PC Decrapifier

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What on earth is The PC decrapifier? It’s a program that removes “crapware” from your new PC. It gets rid of that bundled software that Dell or Toshiba ect. put on for you such as Wild Tangent Game Console, AOL Toolbar (5.0), Vonage and much more. This crapware takes up valuable storage space, uses up memory and even internet bandwith as some crapware checks for new updates. Runs perfectly on XP and Vista and is always being updated for new crap to be removed.

So how come vendors install this crapware? Because they get money for installing it on thier PC’s from the companies that make this stuff. It’s shameful really, I mean I don’t mind when they throw in a 3-month trial version of anti-virus software that works, but setting hompage’s to advertisment and installing 3rd party search bars is a no go in my books. If you’re after a free copy of this magnificant piece of software, you can get it here. Your PC will thank you and you should gain some extra PC performance.

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SUPER – Convert Any Video For FREE

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There isn’t many things in life that are both excellent and free. However, eRightSoft have actually come up with something that beats most competition. SUPER is the video conversion tool that basically can convert any video that you throw at it.

Need to convert a video to your Ipod? No problem.

Need to convert a video to your PSP? No problem.

Need to convert a video to your mobile phone? No problem.

Need to convert any video format? Chances are yes!
Lots of companies out there charge money to convert only a single platform, but not SUPER. Another great thing is, it comes with all the codecs you need. You don’t have to search the net for codecs packs, which is an extra bonus. I use to stumble round the net looking for software to convert video file formats, but I don’t have that misery anymore. I can’t list all of the codecs it can convert, but take a look below at the picture to get a brief idea, then if your still eager to find out more, head over to the SUPER Website.

This software is a must have. Do you know of program that would compete against SUPER’s features? Leave a comment, I’d really like to know about it.

SUPER File list

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UltraEdit More Than A Text Editor

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Hands up all those who have notepad! That is probably most of you if you’re running a windows OS :) . Back when I first started my Bachelor of Technology, my first unit was Introduction to Information Technology, and as a part of the unit, we had to design our own basic website. We were not allowed to use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, because it was to help our learning. We could have used notepad, but that could lead to headaches. So, a suggested program was UltraEdit.

UltraEdit is the ideal text, HTML and HEX editor, and an advanced PHP, Perl, Java and JavaScript editor for programmers. An industry-award winner, UltraEdit supports disk-based 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 and later).

In my case, I used it to build a HTML website. And to break it down, I could easily navigate between HTML documents I was working on through its tabbed interference , similar to that of FireFox. Tags were highlighted automatically, and it was easy to spot open tags. I could keep rambling on about it, because it has been so helpful to me, even today when i work on WordPress theme’s, I still use it. You can get a list of features at the Ultra Edit website if your interested.

The only catch is, it does cost $50 bucks. But all i can say is, it’s 50 dollars well spent. Maybe you know of a free text editor or similar that you like. If you know of one, please share it ;) .

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How to Burn DVD’s The Easy Way

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Chances are you’ve got a nice collection of DVD’s in your house that you wouldn’t want damaged. A smart idea would be to back them up, but with all these copy protections, how do you backup DVD’s easily? A nice little program called RipItForMe, automates a few programs to bypass DVD protections and allows you to back them up. The program’s home page no longer exists, however it’s still avalible on the net. Just have a look in google. It’s very easy to use and even has a one click backup feature. Oh, and did I mention its free? Check it out.

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Convert DOC to PDF For Free

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Microsoft Word is one of the most used office programs today. However, not everyone has it installed. The Adobe PDF(Portable Document Format) is a global format used in mobile phones to your standard PC. If your writing an e-book, want your doc to be compatible across a broad platform, or just need to keep your file intact, I suggest you consider converting your DOC file to PDF. You can do this for free by visiting and using their online conversion tool. Enjoy.

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Speed Up Adobe PDF Reader

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Adobe PDF
Everyone today is using PDF files, and you’ve probably noticed it can take a little while to open such files. There is something that you can do to speed up Adobe PDF Reader. Every time you open Adobe PDF Reader, it loads extra plugins, causing the software to slow down. So what you need to do is remove those plugins. The following method should speed up Adobe PDF Reader.

1.Browse into Adobe Acrobat Reader’s program folder. (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0)

2.Open ‘plugins’ folder, select all (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+A) and cut (Ctrl+X) the files to a backup folder. The idea is to let ‘plugins’ folder to be empty so that the additional features won’t load.

Test it and you should see positive results.

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Save Hard Disk Space with Clone Tools

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Clone tools
Petter Ackebo recently introduced me to a unique program called Clone Tools. Clone Tools is a Windows duplicate file finder that finds folders with shared or identical content. With a click of a few buttons, I managed to get a list of duplicate files that I didn’t even know existed!

One of the features that stood out to me was that it didn’t allow you to delete the last copy of your file ensuring you won’t loose important data. It also forbids you to delete windows files as deleting these files could cause problems. Layout of the GUI is well presented and easy to navigate, as only a minimum amount of buttons are present. On the Clone Tools website, you can find a quick tutorial to give you a brief description on how to use Clone Tools which was very easy to follow. Scanning time obviously depends on the amount of files you are scanning and the speed of your computer, but I found it to be rather snappy.

Overall, if you’re looking to save time and space, I suggest you check it out; it got me back some useful hard disk space.

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