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There isn’t many things in life that are both excellent and free. However, eRightSoft have actually come up with something that beats most competition. SUPER is the video conversion tool that basically can convert any video that you throw at it.

Need to convert a video to your Ipod? No problem.

Need to convert a video to your PSP? No problem.

Need to convert a video to your mobile phone? No problem.

Need to convert any video format? Chances are yes!
Lots of companies out there charge money to convert only a single platform, but not SUPER. Another great thing is, it comes with all the codecs you need. You don’t have to search the net for codecs packs, which is an extra bonus. I use to stumble round the net looking for software to convert video file formats, but I don’t have that misery anymore. I can’t list all of the codecs it can convert, but take a look below at the picture to get a brief idea, then if your still eager to find out more, head over to the SUPER Website.

This software is a must have. Do you know of program that would compete against SUPER’s features? Leave a comment, I’d really like to know about it.

SUPER File list

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