The PC Decrapifier

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What on earth is The PC decrapifier? It’s a program that removes “crapware” from your new PC. It gets rid of that bundled software that Dell or Toshiba ect. put on for you such as Wild Tangent Game Console, AOL Toolbar (5.0), Vonage and much more. This crapware takes up valuable storage space, uses up memory and even internet bandwith as some crapware checks for new updates. Runs perfectly on XP and Vista and is always being updated for new crap to be removed.

So how come vendors install this crapware? Because they get money for installing it on thier PC’s from the companies that make this stuff. It’s shameful really, I mean I don’t mind when they throw in a 3-month trial version of anti-virus software that works, but setting hompage’s to advertisment and installing 3rd party search bars is a no go in my books. If you’re after a free copy of this magnificant piece of software, you can get it here. Your PC will thank you and you should gain some extra PC performance.

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