Recover From Corrupt Bootsector

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I just finished up fixing a friends PC that had a interesting problem. It would mysteriously reboot itself every time it got to the windows bootup screen. I couldn’t understand it, it wouldn’t even allow me to access safe mode! So i pulled out the Windows XP Home disk and ran the repair console. I first tried the dir command, however it said invalid directory. I then tried FixMBR, however it said there was a problem with the bootsector.

With this in mind, Chkdsk was next on the list. It took about five minutes to scan and after it was done, it said it had successfully repaired hard disk errors. This time the dir command worked and I could see files and folders listed there, which was a good sign. Learning this, I rebooted the computer, hoping that it’d bootup properly this time. And luckly, it did. Everything was backup and running as it normally had been.

What had me really tossed was that my friend said he had be using msn then all of sudden it froze up. My conclusion would be that a virus corrupted the bootsector, but I can’t verify this. Anyone else experienced this?

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