Test Your Memory

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RAM in PC’s today is extremely prone to damage and can render useless if the slightest damage is done. When there is a fault in hardware the hardware, the user must try and debug the problem. Memtest86 is a great utility to use to test memory.

Being a PC builder, I’ve repaired many PC’s and can tell you sometimes isolating problems isn’t such an easy task. If a memory stick is the problem, you could of course take one stick out and leave the other one in there and then vice versa. But if you only have one stick of RAM available, memtest86 can help you out. All you need is blank CD or Floppy disk. Memtest86 is a standalone program, so you do not need an operating system installed to use this program.

I could keep writing about it however everything you need to know is listed on the Memtest86 tech page. So if run into trouble with PC memory, use this program like you use your Swiss army knife.

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