Retrieve Data From Broken Laptop

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Most people today have a laptop. Whether it’s for business or school home work, they all share one thing in common; they risk hard disk failure.  A lot of people instantly think that there is no hope in seeing their data again. This wouldn’t be an issue if they had a recent backup. But not everyone does a full backup. So for those of you who fall in to this category, read on.

There are different routes into tackling this problem. Because there are so many factors involved, we’re going to assume the hard disk is still functional to a basic operation level. If the hard disk has had a fatal crash, a lot more work and money is involved.

Dismantling the laptop, disconnect the hard disk and remove it. If you’re not sure how to dismantle it, punch in Google “how to dismantle laptop”. We want to be able to access the data on the desktop, so you’ll want to use a SATA to USB cable OR an IDE to USB cable, depending on the connector of the drive. You’ll need a 12 volt source for the hard disk which can be obtained from a molex power cable in the PC. Plug it all in in, and boot the PC. Take a browse in my computer and you should see the laptop hard disk listed. Copy over all the files and information that is needed to the desktop. Depending on the situation, you may want to format the hard disk, re-install the OS, and re-use the hard disk. If the hard disk is aging or you suspect a mechanical fault, buying a new laptop hard disk wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Just make sure you choose the right connector (IDE or SATA). In new laptops SATA will be the most likely connector as IDE connectivity is an aging technology.

Hope that saves you some hassles.

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