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Free Commander better than Explorer


I have to say, I've been living in the dark ages since Windows 95 was released. FreeComander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. It blows the socks off Windows explorer big time.

It has a similar layout to Firefox, in that is has a tabbing feature so you can have many folders open and be able to access them quite easily. Ever had to scramble around selecting each jpg to be burn't on the CD, hoping that you get them all and don't add an incorrect file? No problem, just press Alt + Num+ which will select all the jpg files in that folder for you.

Or maybe you've been working on a Wordpress theme that is ready to be uploaded to an ftp. FreeComander has a built-in FTP client allowing you to connect and transfer files to your selected FTP server.

The layout is clean, has many hotkeys to shorten even further your time spent copying/renaming/compressing/searching in this single program. If you would like to use FreeCommander to its full potential, i suggest you read the help guide, which can be found here . You'll learn everything Free Commander has to offer. You can grab your free copy at .

Now, if you can recommend an even better file managment program, I'd like to hear about it :) .

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