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When someone thinks outside the box, I like to give them credit for their work. Midomi have created a website that allows you to find music by humming, singing or even whistling.  So when your out shopping or hear something on the radio that you like, just hum into your computer though a microphone and 9 times out of 10, you should find that song you heard earlier.

If your one of the lucky ones who own an iphone, Midomi also have an Iphone application so that you can obtain the name of the song your after almost instantly.

To gain an accurate reading, you must hum into the microphone for at least 10 seconds for Midomi to analyze and match the sounds. The database of songs is constantly growing, and you can help. If you click into the music studio, you can record your humming for your chosen song(s) to help Midomi become more accurate and/or sing in a foreign language. Midomi is also a social networking site that has features allowing you to rate other full-song singing performances against friends, buy original music and much more.

This is certainly a site that has potential to reach where both Myspace and Facebook are now. Only that its unique humming recognition could be a one hit wonder. What do you think?

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