SUPER – Convert Any Video For FREE

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There isn’t many things in life that are both excellent and free. However, eRightSoft have actually come up with something that beats most competition. SUPER is the video conversion tool that basically can convert any video that you throw at it.

Need to convert a video to your Ipod? No problem.

Need to convert a video to your PSP? No problem.

Need to convert a video to your mobile phone? No problem.

Need to convert any video format? Chances are yes!
Lots of companies out there charge money to convert only a single platform, but not SUPER. Another great thing is, it comes with all the codecs you need. You don’t have to search the net for codecs packs, which is an extra bonus. I use to stumble round the net looking for software to convert video file formats, but I don’t have that misery anymore. I can’t list all of the codecs it can convert, but take a look below at the picture to get a brief idea, then if your still eager to find out more, head over to the SUPER Website.

This software is a must have. Do you know of program that would compete against SUPER’s features? Leave a comment, I’d really like to know about it.

SUPER File list

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How to Remove Certificate of Authenticity Sticker

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Just recently, I had a client request to have Windows Vista removed from his PC as he felt it was sluggish, giving him problems and wanted Windows XP installed. I had no trouble with this, however I had previously attached a Windows Vista Certificate of Authenticity Sticker to the PC as required by the OEM system builder guidelines. So I had the task of removing the Windows Vista Certificate of Authenticity, which was a success. Here is what I did:

I used the following tools to remove the sticker:

1x Metal Scrapper

1x Hair Dryer


Using the hair dryer on low, hold it over the sticker for about a minute to heat up the surface. You can then try to use the metal scrapper to remove it by slowly sliding it underneath the sticker. If it’s not working, use the blow dryer again for another minute and repeat.


Removing Sticker

Once you’ve gotten half way, you may wish to start from the other side. At least that’s what I did. After about 15 minutes I ended up with this:



So there you go, it’s not that hard to remove a sticker :) .

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Fix Your Scratched LCD Screen

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Broken LCD

If you’re like the many people that own a portable device such as a mobile phone, Mp3 player, or even a laptop, you’ll know how exposed your LCD screen is to being scratched. If by misfortune you have scratched your LCD screen, you just might be able to fix it. After reading various articles, people have said that they’ve had great success fixing their LCD screens by using an eraser.

How can using an eraser possibly fix an LCD Screen? Well, the logic is that by rubbing gently over the scratch with the eraser, the surrending area of the screen becomes level with scratch. Simple isn’t it?

My brother had great success using this method on his Sandisk 2GB Mp3 player; got rid of the minor scratches quite well. I would suggest to anyone who owns a portable device with an LCD screen get a LCD screen protector. DealExtreme offer great prices on their LCD screen protectors. So far I’ve purchased three from them and they work quite well on my Nokia phone. They ship internationally too.

Just note that if you have a major scratch or have done critical damage to your screen, this method may not be for you. Consider getting a professional to repair it or if possible, claim warranty.

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