DVD Playback Problem

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Q: When i play a DVD on my PC, why is it all choppy and starts stuttering?

A: This a common question that gets asked by a lot of end users. Usually, DMA (Direct Memory Access) is not enabled. To enable this, right click on the desktop, select properties>settings>advanced>troubleshoot and drag the slider all the way to Full. If it already is, drag it to none, and click apply. Then drag it back to full and apply. Reset if needed. This should re-enable Video acceleration, thus fixing the stuttering problem. When enabled, this allows the DVD drive to send the video information directly to the memory, bypassing the hard disk and error checking properties.

It’s also recommended that your PC at least have a Pentium 3 500 MHz processor. If your processor is above 500 MHz and is still having problems having problems playing movies, make sure anti-virus software and other programs are shutdown, as they suck up memory and CPU cycles. While you’re at it, give your PC a defrag to help things along.

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