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Just tonight I came back to my computer to browse the web, however when I went to select my bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox I noticed they had all disappeared! Immediately, I tried restarting Firefox, but that didn’t work. I then attempted to restore the json bookmark file but FireFox returned the error message: Unable to process restoration file.

I was puzzled by this, as I thought restoring the backup should have fixed it. After checking out the process manager, i found another instance of FireFox running that was using 102,222KB of memory! So i ended it, and then re-opened FireFox and finally, my bookmarks magically re-appeared. My conclusion to this problem was i don’t think i shut down Firefox Properly, thus it must of been left open in the memory. Morale of the story, shut down Firefox properly or else you’ll face problems!

Have you had mysteries things happen to you in Firefox? If so, please leave a comment as I’m sure everyone would love to hear about it and how you fixed it. I know I would ;) .

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