Save Hard Disk Space with Clone Tools

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Clone tools
Petter Ackebo recently introduced me to a unique program called Clone Tools. Clone Tools is a Windows duplicate file finder that finds folders with shared or identical content. With a click of a few buttons, I managed to get a list of duplicate files that I didn’t even know existed!

One of the features that stood out to me was that it didn’t allow you to delete the last copy of your file ensuring you won’t loose important data. It also forbids you to delete windows files as deleting these files could cause problems. Layout of the GUI is well presented and easy to navigate, as only a minimum amount of buttons are present. On the Clone Tools website, you can find a quick tutorial to give you a brief description on how to use Clone Tools which was very easy to follow. Scanning time obviously depends on the amount of files you are scanning and the speed of your computer, but I found it to be rather snappy.

Overall, if you’re looking to save time and space, I suggest you check it out; it got me back some useful hard disk space.

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10 Ways To Increase RSS Subscribers

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If you’re someone that owns a blog or website, you’ll know that subscribers are the lifeblood of your site. Why? Because these loyal subscribers take interest in your writing’s which keeps them coming back. This brings the issue of “How do I get more people to subscribe”?

1. Write quality content.
You’ve probably figured out by now that quality content is the key to lot of things on your blog or website. If you’re copying and pasting articles that have been written up a thousand times, no one wants to read them. Be original and add your perspective to the write-up.

2. Use SubscribeRemind or something similar.
Subscribe remind is a small plugin for WordPress that inserts a snippet of text at the bottom of every article you write, reminding people to subscribe to your feed. Once again, this will be most effective if you have quality content.

3. Post everyday.
Ask yourself, why should readers subscribe? Generally, it’s because they like your content and don’t want to miss out on any of the action. So posting everyday keeps your readers on their toes and if they haven’t subscribed already, they should.

4. Use the orange RSS button.
The orange RSS button has become universally recognized as the button to subscribe. There are other fancy colours, but the orange colour is easy to recognize. The goal is to make subscribing to your feed as easy as possible, so keep it simple.

5. Allow your readers to subscribe by email.
Not everyone has newsfeed reader, so adding the ability to subscribe by email is very important. On my blog, I use Feedburner because of its simplicity and which also allows me to add the option of permitting visitors to subscribe by email.

6. Offer unique content to subscribers.
Something like an eBook or a report would fit this point. This gives the user another incentive to subscribe and as long as the eBook or report is worthwhile, you should see an increase in subscriber numbers.

7. Invite commenters to subscribe.
Whilst you don’t have anyway of telling if a commenter has subscribed, you should thank him/her for the comment and invite him/her to subscribe to your blog.Why? Because they have shown interest in the article you have written and hopefully will want to come back for more.

8. Submit your blog’s RSS feed to RSS directories.
Adding your RSS feed to directories will give you more exposure to the World Wide Web. If you Google “RSS directory list”, you should find plenty of places to submit your RSS feed.

9. Link to your RSS feed in your email signature or forum signature.
Instead of having just your website or blog in your signature, add your RSS feed link in there too. Some users prefer to go straight to the content without having to visit your site first.

10. Run a competition.
Running a competition can boost your subscriber count by a lot. However, after the competition ends, those subscribers tend disappear. But you may strike lucky and find that these new subscribers like your content and decide to stay. Also, competitions spread very quickly around the net so it’s defiantly worth a shot.

The above points should indefinitely increase your RSS subscribers. Remember, keep it simple, and whatever you do, give it time to work. ;)

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Relax Your Eyes

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Today, I came across a nice windows utility called Eyes Relax. This piece of freeware reminds you to rest your eyes at a user-set interval and can set a break time. Resting your eyes from computer screen is vitally important as focusing on a single object all day long will cause eye strain.

Also, a recently added feature to the utility is parent mode. This can be used to protect your children, forcing them to take breaks. In parent mode the program cannot be disabled and the computer is password-protected during a break. This is very useful since children often forget about the real world and play video games much too long. You can download this wonderful utility from the Eyes Relax author page here: Eyes Relax 0.36

Eyes Relax

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Should You Buy Cheap Ink?

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Many of us are confronted with buying expensive genuine ink from the big companies. There a lots and lots of 3rd party companies that make ink for leading manufactures at a fraction of the cost. Being so cheap, we are inclined to buy the cheaper ink. But what it leaves us with is the consequences of cheap ink.

In my experience, cheap ink can have a good short term, but a very bad long term effect. In the short term, we save money on ink cartridges but due the ink quality, print heads get clogged and damaged, thus leaving us to buy a new print head. On the other hand, you could buy genuine ink, which would give you lasting picture quality and better maintained print head but you cop the price of the ink cartridges.

The best solution to this is to buy a continuous ink supply system. Granted the supplier provides quality ink, it’s much cheaper than buying genuine ink and you don’t have the problem of broken and clogged print heads. So what is a CISS? The CISS is a self contained unit with its own cartridges fed by silicone tubing from a large ink reservoir which sits beside your printer. The system acts like a giant cartridge by feeding ink to the printer when required. Using a CISS system is an extremely cost effective way of printing and can save you upto 95% of printing costs.

RIHAC Digital Solutions provide CISS for most inkjet printers. If you tend use your printer a lot, I highly suggest you check them out. They ship internationally and offer fairly completive pricing. But what is most important is the ink quality. RIHAC don’t use cheap generic ink, they use Premium grade UV Micro filtered ink imported from USA, Germany and Japan.

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